Stefano Vitali was born in 1970 in Milan, where he lives and works. He began studying antiques and restoration in 1990, moving to London to work at Camton Hall W.s., a laboratory specialised in the restoration of painted and varnished furniture.

In the same period, at Sotheby’s auction house, he attended antique courses.

In 1992, he went to New York to finish his studies at Byuon W.s., where he specialised in the restoration of the antique Italian and French cabinets from the XVIII and XIX centuries.

When he returned to Milan, he opened his first conservation and restoration laboratory together with his brother, continuing his studies at the professional school of Crema and with courses on decorative arts of the XIX and XX centuries sponsored by the “Collegio Lombardo”, and holding lesson on the theme of antiques and restoration at various Galleries. It is during these years that he nears contemporary art, attending the studios of various artists working in Italy and abroad, until he decides to open the Avanguardia Antiquaria Gallery in 2005.