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At Avanguardia Antiquaria, we take you on a journey through time with our curated collection of Italian vintage furniture. Italy, a country celebrated for its art, culture, and exquisite craftsmanship, has given birth to some of the most iconic and timeless furniture designs in history. Our vintage furniture selection pays homage to this rich heritage, offering you a chance to bring a touch of Italian elegance into your home.

Italian vintage furniture is a testament to the enduring beauty of design. From the ornate Baroque period to the sleek and functional mid-century modern era, each piece in our collection tells a unique story. The intricate carvings, luxurious materials, and attention to detail are the hallmarks of Italian craftsmanship.

One of the distinguishing features of Italian vintage furniture is the marriage of form and function. Whether you’re drawn to the intricate detailing of a Rococo console or the clean lines of a mid-century lounge chair, these pieces are not just art; they’re designed to be used and cherished.

Our vintage Italian furniture collection isn’t merely a nod to the past; it’s an opportunity to blend history with modern living. Each piece is lovingly restored to preserve its authenticity and charm while seamlessly integrating into contemporary spaces.

When you choose Italian vintage furniture from Avanguardia Antiquaria, you’re not just selecting a piece of décor; you’re investing in a slice of Italy’s cultural legacy. It’s a piece of history, an embodiment of timeless style, and a symbol of the country’s unwavering commitment to artistry and design.

Discover the allure of Italian vintage furniture, where the past meets the present, and elegance is timeless. Visit us at Avanguardia Antiquaria to explore our exquisite collection and bring a touch of Italian sophistication into your home.

Avanguardia Antiquaria is a place of research throughout time: a Gallery and exhibition space for art, antiques and design from the XX century, and a laboratory for the conservation and restoration of antiques cabinets, paintings, ceramics and gold-plating.

The dialogue between the narration of the past and present-day artistic research is the common theme that has given life to the oxymoron “Avanguardia Antiquaria”: the idea is to have objects born in different places and time live together in the same location.


“There are no beautiful thoughts without beautiful shake, and vice versa.”
(G. Flaubert)


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